Ottomobile Pro Functionality

The iPhone functionality required to use Ottomobile Pro includes:

  • GPS receiver.
    • Used to calculate speed and position
  • Display and speaker.
    • Used to alert driver to speeding and alerts.
      • Digital dashboard, trip statistics and driving companion assistance.
  • Cellular radio – data network plan with service provider required for these features:
    • Used to send vehicle location to a web server.
    • Used to set up an Otto account with a web server.
    • Used to download maps from a web server.
    • Used to determine start address (reverse geo-code).
    • Used to overlay trip trace on Google maps.
GPS Enabled Phoned GPS Enabled Phone with a Data Plan GPS Enabled Phone with a Coverage Map and Data Plan

Compass Heading
Single Speed Limit Reminder
TRIP STATISTICS Elapsed Distance and Time

Real-time Driving Statistics
TRIP REPORTS Start and Destination Addresses

Trip Route Map
Speeding Exceptions
HEARTBEAT LOCATOR Periodically Send Location Information

Securely View Information on Website

Community Safety Alerts
Red Light Camera Alerts