What is Ottomobile Pro?

Ottomobileā„¢ Pro is an application for GPS-enabled iPhones that is designed to be used while driving. The app is intended to be used as a driving aid, and has been designed to promote safe driving by complementing existing roadway signs, and provides a means to record trip logs for both personal and business use.

The new version of the app features include:

  • An intuitive user interface that consolidates a dashboard with trip details, alert information and an ability to view the surround road network on a map.
  • Alert notifications as you drive for speeding, school zone and playground areas, crosswalks, hazardous intersections, wildlife crossings and red-light camera controlled intersection locations (where map coverage is available).
  • Trip logging with real-time trip information, post trip statistics including trip mileage, and trip trace routes on a map, a speed profile, and an elevation profile presented as graphs for the trip duration.
  • OttoHeartbeat real-time location tracking that sends a location to a secure website, where your family and friends can keep track of your whereabouts (10 trip positions maintained) if you send them the website URL.

Ottomobile Pro 3.0 is a complete rebuild of the Ottomobile driving companion 2.4 app. The changes include:

  • Ability to use Google Maps (C) on the dashboard to display the surrounding road network and help in navigation.
  • Consolidating all the road network alert notifications and the trip statistics on one dashboard view.
  • Support for landscape dashboard view.
  • Default screen lock when the app detects movement greater than 5 km/hr or 3.1 mph to discourage user interaction and distractions.
  • The inclusion of speed and elevation data that is illustrated in a graph to help better visualize trip data.