About Us

PERSENTECH is a leading innovator of data logging systems and solutions used in transportation research studies and interactive vehicle use surveys. The PERSENTECH solution is made up of products and services that include autonomous in-vehicle or portable GPS-based devices, smart phone software applications, collection and analysis databases, web application services, and street level map data for Location Based Services (LBS).

We have developed intellectual property and technology advances in GPS, OBDII, electro-mechanical product design and integration, Internet Protocol (IP) networking and iOS smartphone application development, and in web-application system development. PERSENTECH leverages the strengths of the organization and taps into the significant research and development capability that has been accrued since 2003 with in-vehicle driving assistance solutions and autonomous data logging systems.

Our key corporate capabilities include:

  • Project management
  • In-house electronics product design and development
  • Vehicle diagnostic standards – implementation and application of data logging
  • GPS-based data loggers
  • Proprietary GIS tools for map development
  • PC application and web server application software development
  • Mobile handset application development (iPhone, and Android)
  • Database design and system integration
  • Antenna design, integration and testing
  • Satellite system engineering